The Depot is a creative complex of artistic workspaces, a gallery, cinema and a photographic studio for hire. Co-founded by Tilley Harris and Suzannah Pettigrew.

Located at 38 Upper Clapton Road in Hackney the building was originally a tram depot built in 1880’s. Since then it has been used as a clothing factory, a children’s TV robot laboratory and a recording studio – graced by artists such as Pete Doherty, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits and The Police.

Architectural and creative development consultants SUSD acquired the Upper Clapton road site in 2005 but were not able to secure finance to redevelop the building. Young creatives Tilley Harris and Suzannah Pettigrew approached SUSD with a proposal to refurbish the empty building and give life to the space, in turn adding significant value to the property. SUSD agreed, and Tilley and Suzannah set about transforming the almost derelict building. The collaboration between commercial business SUSD and young creatives Tilley and Suzannah has proved to be an interesting one. At a time where businesses may be risk averse, SUSD have fully supported the project, staying true to their ethos of forging links between architectural development and the local community.